CBD For Antibiotic Resistance

Italian and British researchers have established that CBD has a built-in capacity to attack and kill drug-resistant bacteria. It is, therefore, an effective therapeutic aid for antibiotic resistance bacterial infections. The effectiveness of CBD has been tested using a minimum of 6 such bacteria and it has been proven effective. In fact, CBD is highly effective in fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria than other drugs that are currently available. CBD is a promising therapeutic aid for antibiotic resistance bacterial infection because it has been proven effective in fighting these bacteria than other antibiotics available. Scientists say that this can be attributed to the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. These properties make CBD beneficial for the therapeutic aid of numerous conditions. Researchers have further noted that CBD is more effective when applied topically to the affected areas. This implies that CBD can be used to develop potent antibiotics that are cost-effective in improving the symptoms of infections that fail to respond to the currently available antibiotics. CBD can also be an affordable therapeutic aid for antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.




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