CBD For Alzheimer's

During the study, 20mg/kg of CBD were administered in mice every day before they showed the symptoms of Alzheimer’s severe condition. And, the results were impressive because the mice did not develop any social recognition deficit. CBD was also proven effective in improving the symptoms of mice with full-fledged Alzheimer’s severe condition. Although the mice showed some of the other symptoms, they generally depicted better cognition when CBD was administered for longer periods. According to scientists, the effects can be associated with CBD-induced retention of the dietary phytosterols or the neuro-inflammatory processes in the mice brains. A notable benefit of CBD is its ability to regulate neurogenesis that takes place in the hippocampus. This is a process through which new neurons are generated. Scientists have discovered that people with Alzheimer’s severe condition have impaired neurogenesis. Thus, CBD can be used as a therapeutic aid for Alzheimer’s severe condition by promoting neurogenesis as well as memory performance.




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